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Why Outsource Your Document Management to BRM?


1. Peace of Mind.

Allowing professionals to take care of your document management needs, ensures your Clearwater business remains in compliance with privacy laws. A security breach can be extremely damaging for a company, affecting both its financial and reputational state. Unfortunately, in some cases the aftermath can be nearly impossible to recover from. As laws surrounding personal information and identity theft continue to change consider directing your document management processes to a company that is an expert in the field! Benefit from the peace of mind in knowing that BRM will keep your information safe and all sensitive paper secure, in accordance to privacy laws.

2. Eliminates Paper Pile-up

Whether your business is big or small, most have one thing in common; significant use of paper. While many of us would be delighted to work in a paperless office, the reality is that is a ways off yet, and paper isn’t disappearing anytime soon. In fact, generally speaking many companies produce high volumes of paper on a daily basis, which often leads to cluttered documents making file retrieval a challenge. What if you’ve been asked to retrieve an important file immediately due to a highly time-sensitive situation? In a cluttered environment chances are it will only create stress for everyone involved. BRM can archive your critical business documents using state-of-the-art indexing and storage software. This special technology exists specifically so you never have to worry about misplaced records again. Outsource your document management needs to reduce stacks of paper, and gain an organized, clutter-free environment in doing so!

3. Improves Employee Efficiency

How many times do you witness your employees searching aimlessly for documents? Searching, scanning, and shredding, all take significant time to do. Not only that, but these tasks don’t exactly contribute to the growth of your business. Each of these tasks can be daunting and generally take away from work productivity. So what’s the best solution? Offload your document management processes to professionals. BRM will take care of these duties so that your employees can focus on job duties they were hired to perform.

4. Customized Solutions

Each business will have their own goals, restrictions and requirements, and that is why every document management program is different. We’ll design a document management system that is specific to your business. For instance if your company requires a long term record retention but retrieval levels are low, converting every single file to electronic image format may not be practical. An alternative option is turning to BRM who will store and manage large volumes of existing files off-site, and can also provide you with electronic files if needed. This gives your employees the ability to obtain on-going access to electronic records, saving you the time and money involved with converting files yourself. Regardless of your company size, BRM can establish a tailored program that speaks to your document management needs.

As a premier Commercial Records Storage and Information Management Company in the Tampa Bay area, we have the experience, facility, and information management tools to successfully handle your document management needs. Feel free to discuss with us your unique requirements and how our solutions will help with the success of your business, and day-to-day productivity. Contact us at 888-896-6222.