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Why Choose Mobile Shredding Services

On-site document shredding is rapidly becoming a popular method of secure destruction among residents and organizations throughout Tampa, and the rest of the Unites States. All for the right reasons!

For starters, organizations don’t have to stress about the security of their confidential financial records, like inventory lists, budgets, marketing plans, legal documents, or accounting details, to just list a few. Plus, by partnering with a qualified shredding provider, your business will meet the necessary legal considerations, in place to keep your employees and customers protected. At the end of the day, when you hire a document shredding provider in Tampa, such as BRM, you no longer need to be concerned that sensitive data associated with your business or clients could fall into the wrong hands.

While off-site document shredding is an option provided by some professional shredding companies, at BRM we are happy to offer our customers convenient, on-site shredding solutions. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits when it comes to our mobile shredding services:

  • Secure: Your confidential records will never leave our sight. Our trained team follows a strict chain of custody to ensure your documents remain secured in collection containers until they are emptied into our shred truck and destroyed immediately. No one ever touches your documents.
  • Peace of Mind: Our video technology allows you to view the destruction in the present moment. Watch as your critical records are shredded right before you, for reassurance that your information has been properly destroyed.
  • Professional Service: BRM emphasizes the protection of your privacy; in fact, protecting it is our biggest priority. Each of our shred specialists are bonded and insured, and they undergo rigorous background checks prior to employment.
  • Certified Shredding: Following the completion of each and every shred job, you’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction that specifies the shredding date and the volume of documents that were destroyed.  All paper is shredded directly on your premises
  • Sustainability:  We are passionate about being green, and contributing to a healthier, more sustainable planet. We guarantee that 100% of the material we shred is recycled.

As a business owner, you have enough on your plate with day-to-day work tasks. Allow Business Records Management in Tampa to handle your document destruction needs. Focus on daily job duties that grow your business, not take away from it.  Our mobile shred truck can shred in minutes what typically could take you hours to complete, and we’ll do it with very little disruption in your work day.

Contact Business Records Management in Tampa to schedule a one-time pick-up service or a regularly scheduled shredding schedule. Call 888-896-6222