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Why Use Professional Paper Shredding Services

Paper ShreddingsDocument shredding has been a vital business practice for several years; however, with identity theft cases continuously on the rise, the need for it is more apparent today than ever. Any outdated or unwanted business files need to be securely shred prior to disposal for efficient protection from corporate fraud and identity theft.

Not only is it a smart business practice, it’s one that your Tampa business is legally obligated to carry out.  Privacy regulations are becoming stricter, and therefore penalties associated with failing to comply are becoming more significant. Don’t put your business, employees, or customers at risk; always shred. The consequences of not doing so are simply not worth it.

Looking for additional reasons your business should be shredding? Here are several ways in which turning to a professional paper shredding service for your confidential material will benefit your business:


  1. Peace of Mind– Paper shredding provides business owners and customers a great deal of peace of mind. Simply knowing that your sensitive information is in professional hands with zero risk to exposure is enough to put your mind at ease, trusting that your information will, without a doubt, be securely shred.
  1. Content is Irrecoverable – When you hire a reputable paper shredding provider like BRM, you can be certain that each document will be destroyed into tiny, unreadable particles. These are then mixed together with an assortment of different papers from other organizations, making it next to impossible to retrieve information.
  2. Compliance – Thoroughly shredding documents that have reached their retention period, as well as any other unwanted documents, will help your Tampa business remain in compliance with federal and state privacy laws. Should your business experience an audit at any point you’ll be entirely prepared, without having to worry about potential liabilities. On the contrary, if it’s discovered your business has failed to shred accordingly, you may face hefty financial consequences.
  3. Collection Containers – When you hire BRM, we will provide you with lockable collection containers for your documents, and we’ll pick up and empty each bin once they’ve reached capacity. You will no longer have sensitive documents scattered throughout the office or have to aimlessly search for their whereabouts.
  4. Cost Effective – You may be surprised to learn that hiring a professional to look after your document shredding costs less than shredding in-house yourself! Office shredders tend to break down quickly due to the fact that they’re not built to sustain on-going, excessive use. They also require employee time to operate, which takes away from productive business tasks.
  5. Reputation – Would you use your credit card shopping at a business that you know has had their data breached recently? Likely not. Your customers would feel the same about your company if you had a data breach. Data breaches can be damaging to your reputation; something you have worked so hard to build. It’s crucial to maintain a positive and professional image….part of that image includes displaying secure and effective document management.
  6. Environmentally Friendly – Our landfills are consumed by millions of tons of paper each year. By turning to document shredding services, you are making a positive difference in the volume of paper that’s recycled and not placed in the trash.
  7. Ease of Use – By hiring a document shredding company such as BRM in Tampa, you will quickly learn how easy it is to maintain an organized, clutter-free, and secure office. Our services cause little interruption in your workday, and arranging our on-site or off-site paper shredding solutions is as easy as picking up the phone.

BRM provides both on-site and off-site paper shredding solutions to the following regions:

  • Pinellas County
  • Hillsborough County
  • Pasco County

For more insight into our document shredding process, and the available options for your Tampa business, please feel free to get in touch with us at any time. Call 888-896-6222.