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Tips for Using a File Scanning Service

Document ScanningSecure file scanning is the most effective way to organize your files and ensure you never lose a business record or memo again. Paper documents are easily lost due to misfiling or accidental disposal. They also begin to show signs of age over time such as smudged ink, tears, and yellowing. When your Tampa business chooses to create digital copies of each individual file, it can then be stored safely on a computer, CD or other digital media for future viewing or printing. It also allows for easy file sharing, meaning multiple employees can access the same file at the same time if need be.

At Business Records Management in Tampa, we can ensure your file scanning needs are handled in a professional and efficient manner. In an effort to minimize preparation costs and allow for a smooth scanning process, there are a few tips you may wish to consider:

  • Unfold Files – Where possible keep documents unfolded as folding documents creates a crease line on the rear of the page which the scanner may interpret as an image; this can result in more time trying to remove them.
  • Avoid Staples – Staples can cause blemishes on your files and they can be time consuming to remove. Whenever possible, use paper clips or bands as an alternative solution.
  • Post It Notes – These provide one the easiest ways to label something in a way which isn’t permanent. The best option is to affix it to a blank area on the document, which will mean the post it note won’t need to be removed and re-affixed at any point.
  • Affix Smaller Documents – Using strong tape, attach any smaller documents which relate to another larger document such as receipts in order to keep them together when they are scanned. Affix to a blank area of the document or a blank page next to it.

What kinds of files should your Tampa business scan anyway? Basically any business-critical paper document can be scanned and retained for electronic filing and for overall compliance when it comes to secure business operations. These include:

  • Invoices
  • Contracts
  • Correspondence
  • Financial records
  • Engineering drawings and blueprints
  • Design documents and product specifications
  • Customer files such as purchase orders

File scanning and document management go hand in hand in establishing an electronic document management solution that supports your Tampa business. When you outsource your scanning needs to BRM, you’ll help to reduce the costs associated with document storage, eliminate redundancy and limit the amount of time your employees are wasting looking for specific files.

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