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The Significance of NAID AAA Certification

If your Tampa business is currently considering hiring a shredding provider, there’s a good chance you have come across the term “NAID Certification” or “AAA Certified” in your research. Why is an AAA Certified rating an important feature to look for?

With data breaches on the rise here in Tampa and all over the rest of the United States, it is imperative you are taking every measure to select a business who can provide the highest security in the industry. This AAA Certified rating is truly the only way for you to verify that a shredding company has, in fact, complied with all document destruction industry standards. A document shredding company that will not submit to audits from an outside organization like NAID is asking you to trust them in regulating their own internal document management, which is risky business for you, and simply not a good idea!

Business Records Management in Tampa has been awarded “AAA Certified” Rating, by the National Association for Information Destruction. We are honored and humbled to be affiliated with a respectable group of shredding organizations that have also been given the highest security rating, AAA Certified, by the National Association for Information Destruction.
It’s important to remember that while some shredding companies will claim they are AAA Certified, many are not and are only looking for your business. Be sure you confirm this information by visiting their website and looking for the AAA NAID Certification logo.

What is NAID and Exactly What Do They Look After?
NAID is a non-profit association committed to the development, professionalism, and high ethical principles of the information destruction industry. Essentially, they monitor and carry out auditing, verifying a shredding company’s compliance in 22 key areas, such as shred size to staff background checks.
NAID Verifies the Following and More:
• Pre-employment and random criminal background checks on employees
• Pre-employment and random drug testing for all employees
• Certified documentation that shredded material is irrecoverable for good
• $2,000,000 general liability insurance
• All drivers and shredding personnel are uniformed, with picture ID badges
• Detailed written security policies and procedures are in place

For reliable, dependable, and compliant document shredding services, turn to BRM in Tampa. Along with secure shredding, we provide document scanning and records management solutions.
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