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Surviving the Mess of a Data Breach

data breachAn alarming statistic revealed that close to half of all U.S organizations experienced a data breach last year, with many of them not discovering this fact until weeks or months down the road. Unfortunately for several companies both in Tampa and the rest of the U.S, these data breaches resulted in devastating financial loss, with some even going bankrupt.

While the financial burden of compromised records contributes to business’ plummeting, much of it derives from failing to have the proper response strategies in place within the workplace. This mistake is what prevents affected companies from bouncing back after an attack.  While data breaches can’t be 100% preventable, there are helpful tips to lower your chances of experiencing one:


Sure, no Tampa business wants to inform their customers’ that their confidential information may have been compromised; a potentially risky situation. However, not informing them of this possibility is far worse and could wind up costing your entire reputation. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure you take accountability for everything that happens, both good and bad. If your company experiences a data breach, always make it a priority to notify your customers as soon as possible. Having several statements written beforehand by a legal professional can greatly assist in expediting this process.

Fraud Protection

Issuing an apologetic statement to your customers following a data breach is the first step you should be taking. Now that their private information has been exposed, it’s important to take the necessary steps towards protecting them from fraud and identity theft.

Arrange this by building a relationship with a well-known and trusted identity theft protection company. Ideally you should seek assistance from a Tampa professional who works closely with top credit reporting agencies. If your customers’ data has been compromised, identity theft protection will keep a close eye on their credit for any suspicious activity, as an effort to protect them.

Determine and Resolve the Problem

It’s crucial that your Tampa organization takes the time and dedication to fix the issue before resuming regular business activities. Are customer records kept in a lockable cabinet or password protected program? Are old documents that are no longer of relevance being thoroughly shred? Whether it’s electronic data or hard copy data, it’s extremely important to be proactive in protecting both your information and any information surrounding your customers.

If your company has in fact suffered from a data breach, what did you do to limit the damages and recover from an attack?

Business Records Management in Tampa offers full document and records management solutions to keep your business data organized, secure, and most importantly safe from exposure.

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