Records Retention Scheduling

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Records Retention Scheduling

Our organization’s records retention schedule is a legal document that guides employees on best practices for storing and destroying records. These guidelines ensure that records are not kept longer than they’re legally required to.


Records Retention Scheduling

Providing competent Records Management and Storage services goes beyond just ensuring the physical safeguards of storing your information in a secure records center and providing retrieval access. It is equally important that your Records Management and Storage service provider can supply you with the tools and technology to help your organization implement its records retention and destruction policies in a timely and efficient manner.

Manage your Records Retention Policy via RSWEB®

BRM’s online management utility, RSWEB®, provides our clients secure access to their records storage inventory databases online. All storage containers are barcoded, indexed, and tracked. Activity is monitored by username and password authorization. Authorized users can research inventories, annotate indexing descriptions, review retention schedules process destruction initiatives. These online utilities help your organization better manage its records as they approach the end of their life cycle by helping you determine what records are eligible for destruction, thereby reducing ongoing storage costs, while also reducing potential litigation risks and discovery costs that may be incurred when records are stored beyond their legal retention requirements.


All destruction initiatives require express written authorization prior to the physical destruction of records.

It is important that you know that BRM will not destroy any record storage inventories without express authorization initiated either online through RSWEB, or in writing from its customers. While BRM can certainly assist you with reporting and management utilities for streamlining the administrative disciplines required to readily identify potential destruction-eligible inventories we cannot provide legal advice on how long your records should be retained or when they can be destroyed.

Be sure to thoroughly research the applicability of state and federal records retention laws with the assistance of competent legal counsel.

For assistance with determining when your organization can destroy its records, BRM recommends that you seek counsel from a legal professional competent in industry specific laws that have application to your business practices. Any references to minimum retention terms for records provided herein are provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice.


Visit our Regulatory Compliance page for information in what laws and regulations may have impact on your industry as would pertain to the destruction of business records.


  • Research applicability of state and federal laws for your organization with the assistance of competent legal counsel
  • Develop consistent records retention and destruction policies
  • Provide an audit trail for chain of custody verification
  • Records destruction should be timely, consistent, and performed in the ordinary course of business
  • Make a significant organizational commitment to records management
  • Educate your organization on the importance of records management
  • Reduce risk due to unauthorized or inadvertent disclosure of confidential information
  • Protect the integrity of your organizations records management programs by partnering with a service provider that thoroughly understands records management laws and regulations and can help you with compliance