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Litigation Support | eDiscovery

BRM can assist your firm in eliminating inefficient storage processes for your legal case files and help you design a document management solution that will provide for the ability to preserve Electronically Stored Information (ESI)


Litigation Support – eDiscovery

BRM understands the pressures a firm faces to implement a functional records management plan to manage records retention, records retrieval, and electronic discovery (eDiscovery), while controlling the preparation costs to its clients. The once paper-based discovery and review process is now changing rapidly to a digital process involving scanned images and digital workflow processes. Adaptation to these processes must under taken all with the intended goal of satisfying procedural mandates to preserve electronically stored information (ESI) in a manageable format that will allow for ease in review for privilege and relevance.

For any practitioner, the essential goals of litigation support is to organize, analyze, and present case materials with the assistance of proprietary document management systems custom designed to meet the needs of their respective legal specialties. In any practice, there are two primary ways that litigation support is used. One is for management and analysis of paper documents and their electronic equivalents in preparation for courtroom presentation and discovery, and the second is for the identification, collection, processing, review, analysis and production of electronically stored information (ESI) in preparation for preservation in accordance with applicable evidence rules.


BRM can assist your practice’s litigation support processes by providing for secure off-site storage of legal files and in providing file retrieval, digital conversion services, and electronic delivery services.


There are a seemingly unlimited number of document management systems available in the legal industry for managing case files and for archiving both active and inactive document inventories. It is important that your litigation support processes have the ability to access your firm’s inactive archival paper based files for integration into these management systems. Regardless of which of these systems your firm utilizes, BRM can assist in preparing these inventories for integration into your litigation support processes or into your chosen document management platform by ensuring that ESI metadata is verifiable.

Off-site Storage for Paper Legal Files

BRM can provide Records Management and Storage services for your firm’s legal case files and business records. Once your case files are in storage with BRM, we will provide for secure online access utilities to track and manage file retrieval processes as these files are integrated into your litigation support processes. Whether your paper records are currently being stored within your offices, or in a self-storage facility BRM can design a program to properly index these file in preparation for relocation to our secure record center for ongoing storage and for online management.

Legal File Scanning and Metadata Indexing

Metadata must be verifiable for all ESI, including digital image files. BRM will work with you litigation support staff to design an indexing protocol to ensure that case file descriptive information will be captured and mapped to ensure ease of integration into your litigation support processes or into you document management system. As BRM scans your paper case files our staff will create corresponding metadata file indexes for each, capturing any combination of matter descriptions, party designations, and case file and closed file numbers. This indexed metadata will attach to each individual case file for
ESI preservation. BRM’s scanning technicians perform all document scanning and indexing processes in BRM’s secure record center. Absolutely no part of the image capture process is subcontracted, ensuring complete confidentiality and optimum quality of the image file database that we construct for you. These services include:

Safe and Secure Electronic File Integration into Litigation Support Processes

Evaluating alternatives for transferring electronic image files into your firm’s litigation support processes or into its case file management system is an important part of designing a safe, secure and cost efficient integration system. BRM can deliver scanned document image files safely and securely with any combination of the following protocols:


  • Physical delivery via an encrypted storage device (e.g. DVD, USB, or peripheral Hard Drive)
  • Encrypted online delivery via secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) directly into your resident document management system
  • Secure online access to image files with encryption and security provisioning via BRM’s cloud-based document image repository solution


For more information on the rules that pertain to eDiscovery and preservation of relevant paper records and ESI, be sure to refer to the Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure, including any respective local rules that may have application in your jurisdiction.

For more information on converting your paper-based case file inventories into digital formats visit our Document Scanning page.


  • Cost effective, conventional Records Management and Storage services
  • Image capture services for the conversion of paper legal files
  • Integration of ESI into resident case file management systems
  • Preservation of metadata for scanned document images
  • Secure File Transfer Protocols (FTP) for the transfer of electronic image files
  • Online cloud repository storage utilities for storing document image files


Florida Rules of Civil Procedure

Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure