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Six Benefits of Document Scanning for Your Tampa Business

Benefits of Document Scanning

Sure, there are endless office scanners available on the market to the average consumer, so you may ask yourself why outsource your scanning? While having your employees look after your scanning may seem like a practical solution, it does not offer the same advantages that a scanning company such as BRM in Tampa provides. Scanning in house usually leads to a loss of employee productivity that turns into a loss in profits.


Below are 6 key benefits of outsourcing your document scanning:

Keeps Employees Focused on Job Duties

Organizing a centralized document scanning area can be quite difficult, not to mention loud, which takes away from work productivity. Printing areas generally turn into an area that’s used for socializing and adding a scanner to it will only increase this occurrence. Even though your employees may think they are capable of managing your document scanner, they do require ongoing maintenance and updates which distracts employees from their assigned job duties. Outsourcing your document scanning means there is no need to assign an employee to take on this responsibility.

Document Scanning Reduces Operating Costs

Regardless of whether you have highly technical staff on hand or not, you will be faced with unforeseen repairs and maintenance. High performance scanners can be costly to maintain long-term, which is why many businesses resort to document storage instead. When you decide to seek professional assistance for your document management needs, you free up storage space, and save on operational costs. A Document scanning company such as BRM, works with industry leading scanners, designed with exceptional quality. These machines are built to achieve accuracy, speed, and efficiency levels that are difficult for independent businesses to achieve on their own.

Document Scanning Services Recognize Zonal Scanning and OCR

Document scanning and imaging companies can enhance the quality of your scanned documents considerably, by working with the most advanced optical character recognition technology available. Plus, new zonal scanning abilities give technicians the capability to copy data from documents, directly into CRM software or related databases. Businesses that integrate direct marketing strategies can automate this task, resulting in a quicker response time.

Can Provide Large Format Scanning

Generally speaking, an average office scanner is designed for standard U.S letter dimensions. This drawback can be frustrating for industries like law firms and construction companies who work with several paper sizes on a regular basis. It’s extremely challenging to source a scanner that’s built for large format. Even if you find one, it may not be an affordable option for some companies. Outsourcing your document scanning needs will save your Tampa company money, as you won’t be bogged down with fees involved with scanning legal-size documents or blueprints. Alternatively, companies that only need this service occasionally can use large format scanners offered by the BRM document scanning company at a reasonable cost.

Secure Document Shredding Supplied by BRM

As you know, BRM in Tampa provides document scanning and we also offer document shredding as an additional document management service. Why not take advantage of a full-service company that can provide various solutions for your business, conveniently in one location. Secure, Document Destruction allows for a secure office that is not only organized but it also contributes to smart document management procedures, outlined under state privacy regulations. When you choose to outsource your document scanning and document destruction, you can have peace of mind in knowing that you’re complying with state and federal privacy regulations including government standards under both HIPAA and FACTA.

Document Management System Solutions Supplied by BRM

A key element to consider when evaluating document scanning is where electronic image files will be stored and how they will be managed going forward. You should know that BRM can assist you with evaluating a number of its custom Document Management Solutions that can reside either in the cloud or behind your firewalls on your own servers. With a Documents Management System custom designed by BRM your organization’s users and departments can benefit from the utility of a shared platform that can serve as a repository for image files while also providing a host of work-flow automation applications that can integrate scanned files into your business’s existing software applications. And remember also that large quantities of scanned files quickly begin to take up valuable space on your file servers and will likely cause your IT Department to make decisions on where to store, and how to back-up the vast quantities of electronic image files. With a Document Management System custom designed by BRM, data storage and backup redundancy are already part of the solution.

Hardcopy Storage by BRM of Original Source Documents

Yes, though it seems inconceivable that a company would want to store documents after they have been scanned, some companies do just that. If your firms Information Governance Policies delineate specific document classifications that require archival or permanent retention of the original source documents after scanning, BRM’s record storage can be a one stop solution for you. BRM can store your original records in its safe, secure, state of the art record storage facility. To save you the aggravation of having to work with more than one service provider, why not work with a company like BRM in Tampa that can handle all aspects of your records and information management needs including scanning, destruction, and record storage.

If you have paper documents that you need in digital format, we have the appropriate document scanning solution to get the job done right. Allow BRM in Tampa to handle all your scanning needs, so your staff can contribute to the development of your company! Contact us today at 888-896-6222