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Health Information Management

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Health Information Management

As healthcare providers undertake efforts to streamline their administrative disciplines used to manage patient information and reduce administrative costs, many find the need to free up valuable space and resources.


HIM – Release of information

Health Information Management (HIM) professionals are continually searching to find processes that can eliminate the time spent trying to fulfill medical release of information (ROI) requests, and scan paper patient records for integration into electronic medical record (EMR) document management platforms. BRM can provide integration solutions for your hardcopy patient charts as your organization implements its Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system.


BRM can assist your practice by storing paper charts and providing services to help you satisfy retrieval requests for patients or third parties


BRM can store prior date of service charts and utilize barcoded technology to organize and track all of these medical records to efficiently satisfy retrieval requests whether for patient care, discovery, or regulatory production. Upon request and verified access authorization, BRM can then retrieve these patient records from storage for delivery or for release to authorized recipients that may include patients, healthcare providers, governmental entities and legal professionals.

Before any records are released to intended recipients BRM will verify access authorization with your HIM Team

BRM will establish a verification protocol which will include security provisioning to ensure that your practice’s patient records are being released to authorized recipients. BRM’s ROI staff will them retrieve patient records from storage and provide copy or imaging services to reproduce these records for release to authorized parties. Release records can be provided to recipients in either hardcopy form or electronic image format. BRM will also manage duplication fee applications and collect fees directly from recipients whenever possible and in accordance with Florida’s statutes governing reproduction of medical records.


  • Immediate notice to your HIM team upon receipt of subpoenas and legal production requests
  • Photo identification and signature verification for ROI to patients
  • Original records belonging to your entity will never be released to requesting parties. BRM will furnish copies only
  • ROI in hardcopy paper or electronic image file formats
  • Encryption for all electronic image file format ROI production
  • HIPAA – HITECH trained ROI staff
  • Business Associate status requiring Business Associates Agreement to ensure Covered Entity compliance with HIPAA HITECH statutory requirements for the protection of patient health information


ROI for Closed Physicians Groups or individual Practices

If you are a retiring physician, or if your practice or group has recently closed, beginning to institute a downsizing, or exit plan, BRM is the perfect partner to help you comply with the statutory requirements for ongoing retention of your patient records. BRM’s ROI staff can help you design a plan to contact your patients and inform them of processes for accessing records after your practice has closed. BRM will store and safeguard these records during the legally defined retention term, provide authorization verification for retrieval requests, and provide chart duplication services to satisfy those ROI requests. At the end of the legally defined retention term, or in accordance with your practice’s custom policies for records retention, BRM will be able to provide for certified destruction of your patient records.

Business Associate Status

BRM’s staff is fully trained with HIPAA and HITECH compliance requirements. In providing for Records Management and Storage, Release of Information Services, Document Imaging, or Certified Destruction of Protected Health Information (PHI) BRM would be considered a Business Associate as defined by HIPAA, and as such has specific duties as defined by HIPAA and HITECH to protect the privacy of patient records that it services for a healthcare provider (covered entity) or patient. BRM would typically be expected to execute a Business Associates Agreement (BAA) that would govern the privacy obligations between BRM and the covered entity. If your organization is in need of a Business Associates Agreement (BAA), BRM can provide resources to help you develop a BAA and implement a training program for your employees to assist your organization in compliance with HIPAA and HITECH.

Be sure to thoroughly research the applicability of state and federal laws with the assistance of competent legal counsel.

For assistance with determining how your practice should provide release of information services, and when you can destroy patient or physicians records BRM recommends that you seek counsel from a legal professional competent in healthcare law. Any references to minimum retention terms for patient or physicians records provided herein are provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice.


For more information on HIPAA and HITECH visit our Regulatory Compliance page.

For more information on laws that pertain to the reproduction of patient records please refer to the Florida Administrative

For more information on records retention guidelines for Florida healthcare providers refer to the Florida Department of State –Division of Library and Information Service General Records Schedules:


  • Business Associate Status – ensuring your records management program is compliant with HIPAA – HITECH
  • Access authorization verification
  • ROI in hardcopy paper or electronic image file formats
  • HIPAA – HITECH trained ROI staff
  • Custodian and ROI services for closed physician practices
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) conversion services