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Financial Records Management

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Financial Records Management

BRM can assist your practice with tackling the difficulties of financial record keeping by providing safe and secure management services of your financial information.


BRM Financial Records Management

As a successful record management company for over 40 years, BRM has a clear understanding of the importance of keeping financial information secured for your business and for your customers. In today’s business world, the significance of privacy legislation and storage of sensitive records and documents are a few reasons why BRM provides excellent services for organizations. From retained earnings statements to income statements to cash flow to tax returns to payroll information, a client’s privacy is vital.

BRM safeguards your financial records so that information remains organized in an efficient and cost-effective manner. By using BRM for your data protection, off-site backup tape storage will assist you in meeting your specific business requirements. With our custom designed climate controlled Data Storage Vault, our company ensures that all computer backup tapes and important financial records remain safe and secure at all times. You can rest assured that our financial management services guarantee information is protected 24 hours, 7 days a week, backed with a waterless fire suppression system.


BRM can assist you in developing an online plan for sorting and storing your financial documents


As the digital world continues to grow, so does the ability in how you store all your business financial documents and records. By working with BRM, our company will help craft an effective online records management plan that will organize and sort your electronic records. With the assistance of our staff, we will help you with meeting U.S. federal and state governmental requirements and regulations. To ensure that you and your business can pinpoint your files as fast as possible, customers can take advantage of our online management utility, RSWEB®. Your financial records will be safely stored in containers that are barcoded, indexed and tracked within our system. Individual files can also be barcoded and indexed and made available for easy online access.


Hard copy storage and supplies

BRM offers storage solutions for your hard financial paper records. Various supplies and products are available, such as custom constructed record storage cartons, barcode tracking software and scanning equipment, barcode printers and document scanning software. Our storage cartons are custom designed, one piece fold together construction, using the ECT corrugated standards and designed for long usage.


For more information on developing a plan to safeguard your financial documents and records, visit our Records Management and Storage page.


  • Maintain and organized all business and customer financial documents and records
  • Protected financial records with off-site backup tape storage
  • Safe, secure custom designed, climate controlled Data Storage Vault with 24 hour, 7 days a week protection
  • Online Records Management plan for organizing and sorting your electronic files
  • Assistance in following all federal and state governmental requirements and regulations
  • Files and records secured and tracked in barcoded and indexed storage containers