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Storing backup data off-site and designing instantaneous recovery protocol is critical to ensure continuity in the event of a disaster or computer system failure.


Business Continuity / Data Redundancy

In today’s business environment, it’s critical that organizations take the necessary steps in order to protect their integral backup data to ensure redundancy and business continuity with time-critical data recovery protocols. Any discussion surrounding data redundancy has to begin with the evaluation of a cloud-based storage solution. Cloud-based off-site data backup are often hosted by third parties and still generally considered limited compared to conventional tape storage.

One of the first considerations in evaluating a cloud-based storage alternative is determining whether your organization’s infrastructure can support the connectivity required to transfer the large quantities of data that will need to be stored. The performance of outsourced cloud storage is likely to be predicated on the WAN bandwidth capacity available to support data transfer, and on the reliability and availability of the WAN service provider’s resources. Small companies without sophisticated IT resources may find the configuration requirements to design a WAN bandwidth infrastructure that can
support the solution to be complicated. Thus, even though the costs to actually store data off-site in the cloud continue to become more affordable as the industry expands, other IT infrastructure set up and maintenance costs may weigh against the viability of a cloud solution for many users.


The financial analysis aside, there may still be concerns regarding security that deter the most sophisticated IT professional from utilizing a cloud backup solution.


Cloud storage hosting companies operate large data centers their resource may be distributed across multiple servers and multiple locations. In this type of configuration the safety of the data depends upon the security protocols implemented by hosting companies, and on the applications that leverage the cloud storage. When data is distributed in such a manner the risk of unauthorized physical access to it increases. In such cloud-based storage architectures, data is replicated and moved frequently to accommodate reuse of drives and reallocation of storage space as the service provider attempts to stabilize the capacity requirements of its customer base. These processes inherently increase the risk of unauthorized data access. And while risk of unauthorized access to data can be mitigated through the use of encryption, the IT industry still is forced to acknowledge that even the most rigorous encryption protocols may not be enough to protect against malicious intent.

Thus, while cloud storage for data backup may first appear to be a viable solution, the costs of creating an IT infrastructure to support cloud storage combined with the inherent security risks may outweigh its benefits.


Conventional off-site backup tape storage with rotation scheduling is still viewed as one of the most reliable, efficient, and cost effective solution for data redundancy.


Utilizing BRM for off-site backup tape storage can help your IT department meet all necessary specifications of your business continuity and data redundancy plans in a reliable and cost effective manner. Our climate controlled data vault is custom designed for storing and safeguarding computer tapes, peripheral storage devices, hard drives, and other vital records. These storage solutions come with online utilities for rotation scheduling and storage item inventory management that will ensure chain of custody verification.


For more information on BRM’s off-site data storage services please visit our Data Protection – Tape Storage page.


  • Secure, climate controlled data storage vault
  • Custom designed prescheduled or on-demand inventory rotation scheduling
  • Tape or Storage barcode management for chain-of-custody tracking and verification
  • Online access for retrieval and tracking