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Corporate Records Management

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Corporate Records Management

Tools that Ensure Your Records Management Program is Following Precise Regulations.


BRM Corporate Records Management

From municipal, state to federal detailed regulators, corporate organizations today are met with daunting compliance standards, and because of that, your company may face consequences if there are non-compliance disputes. With dozens and dozens of state and federal governmental regulations to meet, by hiring BRM, we will work with you to make sure that your corporation’s records management program follows all regulations. Our knowledgeable and skilled staff will assist in giving you the essential tools you need meet all record requirements, protocols and guidelines.

A BRM Hybrid Solution for Your Corporate Paperwork

As today’s corporate business world continues to grow, it’s vital that your various sensitive corporate papers such as legal documents, waivers, balance sheets, business reports, customer service papers and business plans, be secured safely and backed up properly. As such, we at BRM offer a hybrid records management solution which blends reasonably priced hard copy Records Management and Storage services, with File Transfer Protocol (FTP) electronic files. Your company’s corporate paperwork can be stored with BRM, and we’ll scan only what you absolutely will need to retrieve again for a later
date. Within 24 hours of a document recovery request, our experienced staff will quickly retrieve it; however, if you have an emergency and you need your information faster, we can complete your request immediately. To ensure your security requests are met in regards to scanned documents, BRM will assist you in designing a cloud-based online repository solution. This is designed for encrypted access to your important scanned image documents; however, we are able to send those encrypted scanned documents straight to your company, if preferred.


Drop-off Document Shredding Made Easy

For the multiple types of corporate documentation your organization circulates and stores, when it comes time to destroying unnecessary documents, BRM offers a secure shredding service. Feel free to arrange a pick-up of your documents or simply drop them off at our secure shred facility, and we’ll begin the destruction process for you right away.


  • Ensure your corporation’s record management program follows all governmental regulations
  • BRM staff will provide essential tools to help meet all necessary requirements and protocols
  • Plan a Hybrid Solution which includes hard copy paperwork and scanned image documents
  • Experienced BRM staff who will retrieve your documents request within 24 hours or sooner
  • Assist you in designing a cloud-based online repository solution with encrypted access for scanned image documents
  • Safe, secure location for shredding any unneeded, disregarded corporate paperwork