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Scheduled Shredding Services

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Scheduled Shredding Services

Business organizations that discard sensitive and proprietary information without proper document destruction policies, expose themselves to the risk of criminal and civil prosecution, as well as the costly loss of business.


Scheduled Shredding Services

BRM can provide peace of mind by performing destruction services on-site at your place of business. Schedule an on-site mobile shredding service today with BRM and witness the destruction of confidential information first hand, on-site at your business address. BRM can destroy confidential information in the form of paper documents, CDs and DVDs, magnetic media, microfilm, microfiche, and computer hard drives all on-site at your place of business.


BRM’s locking collection receptacles can be integrated into your office environment for the secure collection of confidential information intended for destruction.


The placement and use of these receptacles is at no charge to you. You pay only when the receptacles are scheduled for shredding services. On-site shredding services can be prescheduled or serviced on-demand. BRM will assist you in determining the size and number of collection receptacles required to best suit your office environment.


NAID® Certified Secure, Certified, Eco-Friendly Document Destruction

NAID®, the National Association for Information Destruction, is the industry watchdog that regulates service providers in the information destruction industry by establishing standards for the safe and responsible destruction of confidential information and policing service providers with mandatory audits and inspections. BRM is one of only a handful of destruction companies in Florida with NAID® certification.

BRM’s fleet of NAID® certified mobile shredding vehicles will shred at your place of business. The shredded paper is then returned to our own secure bailing facility. There, BRM bails the shredded paper by-product in preparation for shipment to paper recycling mills. This control process ensures the integrity of the certification, while offering an eco-friendly solution for the disposal of the shredded paper by-product. Many mobile destruction companies do not bail their own shredded by-product, and instead outsource parts of the destruction process to third parties for bailing that may not be NAID® certified. By bailing its shredded paper by-product, BRM can confidently certify the entire destruction process in accordance with NAID® standards.


For more information to design a records retention plan to help you determine when you can destroy your business’s records
visit our Records Retention Scheduling Solutions page. Also visit our Regulatory Compliance page for information in what
laws and regulations may have impact on your industry as would pertain to the destruction of business records.


  • Peace of mind by witnessing destruction on-site at your business address
  • Eco-friendly recycling processes for shredded paper disposal
  • BRM owned bailing facilities compliant with NAID® standards for security
  • All employees security screened with extensive pre-employment and post-employment periodic background checks
  • Comprehensive professional liability insurance program custom designed for the information
    destruction industry