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One-Time Purge

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One-Time Purge

Business espionage professionals and identity thieves consider inappropriately discarded paper documents as the single most available source of proprietary, confidential information.


One-Time Purge

The discarded refuge of businesses and professional organizations often unknowingly contains an assortment of private information that if acquired by the wrong party, could be harmful to the organization. This information could be especially useful to competitors and identity thieves. The only way to minimize this exposure is to make sure such information is securely collected and destroyed properly in accordance with universally accepted industry security specifications.


BRM can destroy confidential information in the form of paper documents, CDs and DVDs, magnetic media, X-ray film, microfilm, microfiche, and computer hard drives.


Regardless of where and in what format your confidential information resides BRM can provide certified destruction to destroy any media using approved processes that will ensure compliance with regulatory mandates that have bearing our your business practices.


In regulatory fines for violations of information destruction requirements, auditors and enforcement agencies continue to cite the lack of written policies and procedures for the responsible destruction of confidential information.


Virtually every industry has some form of governmental regulatory requirement mandating the development of proper policies and procedures for the protection of confidential information and for the responsible destruction of this information at the end of its useful life.

With the assistance of one of BRM’s NAID® Certified Destruction Professionals your business can quickly move into compliance with regulatory requirements for the responsible destruction of confidential information.


NAID® Certified Secure, Certified, Eco-Friendly Document Destruction

NAID®, the National Association for Information Destruction, is the industry watchdog that regulates service providers in the
information destruction industry by establishing standards for the safe and responsible destruction of confidential information
and policing service providers with mandatory audits and inspections. BRM is one of only a handful of destruction companies
in Florida with NAID® trained certified representatives that can help your organization develop an information destruction
policy and train your staff to safeguard against potential exposures.


According to NAID®, most organizations in the U.S. report that they currently do not comply with this requirement and, therefore, are at risk. The NAID® Information Destruction Compliance Toolkit is the first and only publication to specifically address information destruction and it is only available through authorized CSDS representatives.

NAID®’s Information Destruction Compliance Toolkit was created with input from security, legal and information management professionals. BRM’s Certified Secure
Destruction Specialist (CSDS) will help your organization develop a written information destruction policy that can assist in your regulatory compliance initiatives and provide your staff with necessary training.


For more information on to design a records retention plan to help you determine when you can destroy your business’s records visit our Records Retention Scheduling Solutions page. Also visit our Regulatory Compliance page for information in what laws and regulations may have impact on your industry as would pertain to the destruction of business records.