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Document Scanning

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Document Scanning

As your organization begins to integrate paper-based business records into your resident Document Management Systems, you will be faced with the challenge of converting paper-based document inventories into scanned digital image files. BRM can easily demonstrate cost savings achieved in outsourcing document scanning services by comparison to making investments in hardware and managing the scanning process with your own employee resources.


Document Scanning

BRM offers a variety of document scanning services to help you convert large paper file inventories into digital image formats, and integrate these imaged records into your resident Document Management System. Our experienced team will work with your organization to develop a cost-effective plan to manage your document scanning requirements. These services include:


  • High volume daily production scanning
  • Back file conversion document scanning projects
  • Scan-on-Demand services for instantaneous retrieval and electronic delivery
  • Preservation of metadata for scanned legal file titles, descriptions, and date indexes
  • Wide-format document imaging (blue prints, maps, drawings, etc.)
  • Conversion to TIFF and or PDF electronic file formats


Professional Document Scanning Processes

Our scanning technicians perform all document scanning and indexing processes in BRM’s secure record center. Absolutely no part of the image capture process is subcontracted, ensuring complete confidentiality and optimum quality of the image file database that we construct for you.

Safe and Secure Electronic Image File Delivery

Evaluating delivery alternatives for scanned documents is an important part of designing a safe, secure and cost efficient Records Management Program. BRM can deliver scanned document image files safely and securely with any combination of the following protocols:


  • Physical delivery via an encrypted storage device (e.g. DVD, USB, or peripheral hard drive)
  • Encrypted online delivery via secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) directly into your resident document management system
  • Secure online access to image files with encryption and security provisioning via BRM’s cloud-based document image repository solution


For more information on how BRM can help you design programs for document scanning visit our Hybrid Solutions for Hard Copy Storage Solutions page.


  • Secure File Transfer Protocol
  • Image Capture processes performed with BRM employees; no subcontractors
  • Secure, cloud-based, online image file repository
  • Seamless integration with Customer’s resident document management system



BRM can help your organization get on the track to a true “paperless” environment. As you begin to manage electronic records you will need a plan for managing the remaining hard copy paper records. BRM is committed to integrating new technology into a time-tested records management program to assist in reducing your dependency on paper documents.

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