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Data Protection

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Data Protection

Ensure the Safety and Security of your Organization’s Sensitive Backup Data with BRM’s Off-site Data Storage Services.


In today’s business environment, it’s critical that organizations take the necessary steps in order to protect their integral backup data to ensure redundancy and business continuity with time-critical data recovery protocols. Storing backup tapes off-site and designing a custom rotation schedule is critical to ensure instantaneous data recovery in the event of a disaster or computer system failure. Utilizing BRM for off-site backup tape storage can help you meet all necessary specifications of your business continuity and data redundancy plans. BRM offers safe and secure storage for computer backup tapes with online utilities for rotation scheduling and storage item inventory management. BRM’s climate controlled Data Storage Vault is custom designed for storing and safeguarding computer tapes, peripheral storage devices, hard drives, and other vital records.


  • Humidity and temperature controlled, at specifications required for computer media and vital records storage
  • Constructed to a four hour architectural fire specification with reinforced concrete construction
  • Protected by a waterless fire suppression system
  • Tape vault storage
  • Monitored for fire and intrusion security 24/7/365 by a UL approved independent security monitoring agency


Time Sensitive, Backup Tape Rotation Scheduling

BRM offers rotation solutions for computer backup tapes and other peripheral storage devices that can be custom designed to meet the time sensitive requirements of your IT department’s data rotation specifications. Regardless of the rotation frequency required, whether it is monthly, weekly, daily or on an afterhours or emergency basis, BRM can design a cost effective service solution. All rotation services are performed by BRM employees with BRM owned vehicles. No transportation logistics are subcontracted to third parties unless requested by our customers.

Chain of Custody Tracking

Each storage item or tape tendered to our Data Storage Vault is barcoded and indexed for tracking. Barcodes are uniquely assigned to each customer for chain of custody verification. Through each and every step of the receipt, handling, and delivery processes each storage item or tape is scanned and audited against customer initiated service work-orders to ensure that the inventories can always be properly accounted for, and to be sure that they are not incorrectly delivered to the possession of unauthorized parties. BRM’s delivery drivers scan storage items or tapes at the Customer’s premises and require signature verification by an authorized Customer representative to document the change of custody transaction.

Secure, Online Access for Backup Tape Inventory Management, Tracking and Rotation Scheduling

BRM offers secure, state-of-the-art technologies for Internet based record management solutions. With RSWEB®, accessing and managing your backup tape inventories is just a mouse click away. RSWEB® provides for safe and secure access to information regarding your storage items via the Internet, with secure socket overlay and user pass-code authorization protocol. BRM’s customers can schedule backup tape rotations, index individual tape descriptions, track storage item inventory online, and monitor all access and delivery activity.

Consolidate Services for Cost Savings by Utilizing BRM to store your Backup Tapes and your Document Business Records

BRM can help you reduce costs and streamline administrative disciplines required to manage off-site storage by servicing both your backup tapes and your hard-copy business records. Whenever possible, delivery requests for both tapes and hard-copy business records can be combined to afford cost savings in delivery fees. And with BRM, your organization can manage both tape and document storage inventories under one online inventory management utility with RSWEB ®.


Please visit our Business Continuity and Data Redundancy Solutions page for more information on our data protection service offerings.


  • Secure, Climate Controlled Data Storage Vault
  • Prescheduled or on-demand inventory rotation scheduling
  • Tape or Storage Item Barcode Management for Chain of Custody Tracking and Verification
  • Indexed descriptions
  • Online Accessibility for Retrieval and Tracking