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Remember to Protect Your Identity this Holiday Season

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The Holiday Season is here, and we couldn’t be more excited!

If you’re like us however, you’re not quite ready for Christmas Day to arrive. At Business Records Management in Tampa, we just want to remind our customers to be safe! While you’re out shopping getting those last minute gifts for your loved ones, ensure that you’re also protecting your identity in the midst of it all!

Far too often, companies become wrapped up in meeting a specific sales quota, and family members get distracted with locating that perfect gift; this creates an ideal scenario for thieves to take advantage of, ultimately jeopardizing your identity.

How can you remain secure this Holiday Season? Protect yourself and your Tampa business with these simple reminders:

Examine your junk mail prior to throwing it out

During the holidays, it’s fairly common to receive pre-paid credit card offers in the mail. These documents can very easily be filled out by someone else without your knowledge, resulting in identity theft and more than likely a ruined credit. While it’s easy to get in the habit of throwing away “junk mail”, this is a dangerous move and significantly increases your risk, especially this time of year. Always shred unwanted mail before tossing it away to avoid such an outcome.

Refrain from any in-store credit card applications

Sure you may feel an urge to apply for a store credit card to save money, remember what can occur beyond that 15% discount. Each application requires that you provide specific personal and financial information. You will be asked to supply your date of birth, home address, and in some cases your social security number! If the store isn’t practicing secure document shredding, where does your application wind up once it’s approved (or not approved)? Is it stored away somewhere, or is it thrown in the trash? This is information you should know before opening a credit card, otherwise it may be wise to skip the idea entirely.

Keep a close eye on your bank account

Are you still waiting for a particular bill to come in from that gift you recently purchased? Have you reviewed your account only to find suspicious purchases? While we can all agree that it’s a hectic time of year, it’s important to take the time to review and monitor your account on an ongoing basis. If you receive updated documentation ensure you are properly shredding this material.

Ensure WIFI networks are secure when shopping online

Connecting to an open WIFI connection could potentially put you at risk; after all, you have no way of knowing who else is using the same connection, and therefore who may have access to your account during a purchase. Online shopping can be risky through the use of a public connection, so always be sure you’re using a secure internet network to be safe.

Be well aware of your surroundings

When making a purchase with your credit or debit card, be sure to shield the card reader from anyone who may be in viewing distance of you. Doing so will prevent the chances of someone seeing your pin number.

Shred all unwanted bills, receipts, and statements

Any paper that contains credit card numbers, ATM numbers, or social security numbers, etc. should never land in the garbage bin. Unfortunately a personal shredder is simply not enough to guarantee your protection. If you are interested in BRM’s scheduled route or one-time shredding services, we will safely destroy personal information so you can fully enjoy the holidays. Our document shredding guarantees your information will be irrecoverable for good!


Contact BRM in Tampa, for more details and tips on remaining secure now, and for the New Year ahead. Call 888-896-6222.