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Organize Your Records to Eliminate Added Stress

Paper ShreddingsSpring cleaning time is almost here in Tampa, and most people are beginning to go through their house to begin cleaning it from top to bottom. Remember that it’s also the perfect opportunity to sort through household and business records as well.

For your own security, it’s important for every household and business in Tampa to have some kind of record-keeping system in place to manage all personal and financial documents, receipts etc.  If faced with a situation where you must retrieve information immediately, it could mean the difference between money lost or gained. Keeping all documents organized also means less stress for your family and/or your employees during a crisis situation, should one arise.

So how do you start? Your Tampa home or business should begin by sorting through all records, receipts, statements etc to determine what can be shred securely, and what needs to be stored. For instance, there’s typically no need to hang on to the warranty information and receipts for products you no longer have. On the other hand there are specific records that legally must be stored indefinitely, such as birth and death certificates, and other business documents that may pertain to government matters.

The next step is determining where to store this confidential information. Keep in mind a great rule of thumb: The more expensive, time consuming and challenging it is to replace a particular record, the safer the storage space should be for that record. In some cases you can get away with storing your confidential records in filing cabinets, desks, or storage rooms, but for the greatest security you should consider storing all records off-site. Why? For starters, records can be easily lost, tossed away mistakenly, or worse stolen. Identity thieves are always on the hunt for sensitive details they can use to their advantage. To protect your identity and the reputation of your Tampa business, it’s highly recommended that you turn to professional record storage.

At Business Records Management in Tampa, our facility is equipped with the highest security measures in the industry to protect from the dangers associated with fire, flood, and theft. Your records remain safeguarded until you require them. Alternatively we’ll store them and also safely destroy them once they’ve reached the end of their life cycle; the choice is yours.

If you haven’t already considered off-site records storage as part of your “spring cleaning” jobs, it may be time to take advantage of the benefits you’ll experience. Get in touch with us today to speak to a specialist. We will give you a variety of options and provide a no obligation quote if you’re interested. Secure your records safely!

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