The Benefits of Secure Offsite Document Storage in Tampa

If you’re like the majority of Tampa businesses, you probably store and maintain an exceedingly high volume of documents on a regular basis. What’s the harm in doing so? Chances are, 90% of the information you tuck away in your desks and filing cabinets contains pertinent (and confidential) details about your business, customers, and employees.  …More

5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Despite awareness, businesses and residents in Tampa and the rest of the United States, continue to be affected by identity theft. While some cases are more minor than others, this growing crime can lead to severe consequences for everyone involved. The good news is it can be completely prevented with basic precautionary measures.  Here are…More

Five Paper Shredding Myths

  With any new process, it takes time to educate and inform your employees on the details, and there are often misconceptions along the way. In regards to paper shredding and its importance, there is often confusion on whether it’s really necessary to do or not. Business Records Management wants to highlight some common paper…More

Six Benefits of Document Scanning for Your Tampa Business

Sure, there are endless office scanners available on the market to the average consumer, so you may ask yourself why outsource your scanning? While having your employees look after your scanning may seem like a practical solution, it does not offer the same advantages that a scanning company such as BRM in Tampa provides. Scanning…More

Why Outsource Your Document Management to BRM?

1. Peace of Mind. Allowing professionals to take care of your document management needs, ensures your Clearwater business remains in compliance with privacy laws. A security breach can be extremely damaging for a company, affecting both its financial and reputational state. Unfortunately, in some cases the aftermath can be nearly impossible to recover from. As…More