Avoid a Data Privacy Breach with These Tips

When it comes to a data breach, the risk for companies can be significantly high if certain practices aren’t put into place. Whether these are financial, calculable consequences or consequences that ultimately affect your company’s brand and reputation, both can be unfortunate and hard-hitting. To avoid data privacy threats, and to ensure you are in compliance…More

Consider a Shred Day in Tampa

If your company currently practices regular document shredding, you’ve probably heard of a “Shred Day”. But what does it include? If your Tampa organization is looking for ways in which it can contribute to the community in an engaging and helpful manner, perhaps a Shred Day is the perfect opportunity! Identity theft continues to occur…More

On-Site Document Shredding Provides Simplicity and Peace of Mind

At BRM in Tampa, we supply organizations of all sizes with an effective means of document shredding. As a business owner you have enough on your plate to deal with; when it comes to protecting your outdated documents and hard drives, allow us to help you! Mobile, on-site shredding is one of the most cost-effective…More

Documents You Should be Shredding

Every organization whether large or small circulates and distributes a high volume of information on an ongoing basis. Unless your company has an internal document management process in place, it can be difficult determining what documents should be stored and what should be shred when no longer needed. Business Records Management in Tampa can assist…More

HIPAA Compliance Tips

If you’re in Tampa and work in the Healthcare industry, remaining in compliance with HIPAA is extremely critical. Failing to do so could lead to substantial fines to your organization; in fact, studies reveal that such an occurrence could wind up costing you up to $25,000 depending on the severity of the penalty. To help…More

Surviving the Mess of a Data Breach

An alarming statistic revealed that close to half of all U.S organizations experienced a data breach last year, with many of them not discovering this fact until weeks or months down the road. Unfortunately for several companies both in Tampa and the rest of the U.S, these data breaches resulted in devastating financial loss, with…More

Organize Your Records to Eliminate Added Stress

Spring cleaning time is almost here in Tampa, and most people are beginning to go through their house to begin cleaning it from top to bottom. Remember that it’s also the perfect opportunity to sort through household and business records as well. For your own security, it’s important for every household and business in Tampa…More

Choosing a Document Shredding Business That Suits Your Needs

Today more than ever, it is vital for Tampa businesses to maintain security over their internal business data. What is the best approach to guarantee your information is safe?  Hiring a reliable and trusted, document shredding provider. Office shredders simply do not provide the same sense of security and reassurance as you would receive from…More

Keep Yourself Safe from Identity Theft this Tax Season

Tax season has arrived, and though many frown upon this time of the year more than any other, we all must face the obligations that come with this annual responsibility. The process of sorting through finances and potential deductibles accrued over the last year can be bothersome and stressful. On the flip side, some Tampa…More

What Can Your Tampa Business Learn from 2014?

In 2014, it seemed like there were data breaches occurring everywhere in the U.S. While some people will argue they were simply highlighted more in 2014, when it comes to data breach in the news, this past year covered more occurrences publically than ever before. The Target breach in 2013 was of substantial size with…More