Dumpster Diving and Identity Theft

If you’re like most Tampa Bay residents, getting those utility bills each month in the mail doesn’t exactly scream excitement, right?  That being said it’s a reality we all have to deal with; the important aspect here is that we deal with it securely. Once a particular bill is sorted out and paid for, it’s…More

Spring Cleaning and Your Sensitive Documents

Spring brings the perfect opportunity to tidy up your Tampa home after the long winter months. It’s a great chance to tend to any forgotten housework and chores, before the exciting and relaxing days of summer set in. Whether it’s a desk, cabinets, or an entire home office that could use organizing, sorting through your…More

Document Scanning and the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is one of the largest and most dominant business sectors for the American economy; in an effort to provide accurate results to patients and families of those patients, it is imperative that hospitals here in Tampa, are remaining at the forefront of technology. Without the most advanced tools, medical professionals can’t hope…More

Paper Remains Significant in Today’s Digital World

Today, we are consumed by electronic advancements and digital records management  which may lead some to believe that paper will soon be obsolete. Keeping that in mind, does this mean that document storage will soon be phased out as well? Contrary to several beliefs, the truth is document management and document storage is not going…More

Are You Ready for Data Privacy Day?

Everyone in Tampa should be aware of how our online lives, including records management, can affect day to day real life, whether on a personal or business level. Today more than ever, it’s critical that individuals and businesses are taking the necessary precautions to keep this data secure and confidential. Data protection is vital for…More

Remember to Protect Your Identity this Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is here, and we couldn’t be more excited! If you’re like us however, you’re not quite ready for Christmas Day to arrive. At Business Records Management in Tampa, we just want to remind our customers to be safe! While you’re out shopping getting those last minute gifts for your loved ones, ensure…More

Records Retention in Tampa: Understanding the Basics

If you’re confused as to how long records should be stored for, not to worry as you are not alone! Unfortunately, it seems that records retention policies are often applied incorrectly, and as a result, Tampa companies are put at risk, while spending more than necessary. At BRM, we want to help clarify this misleading…More

The Significance of NAID AAA Certification

If your Tampa business is currently considering hiring a shredding provider, there’s a good chance you have come across the term “NAID Certification” or “AAA Certified” in your research. Why is an AAA Certified rating an important feature to look for? With data breaches on the rise here in Tampa and all over the rest…More

Why Choose Mobile Shredding Services

On-site document shredding is rapidly becoming a popular method of secure destruction among residents and organizations throughout Tampa, and the rest of the Unites States. All for the right reasons! For starters, organizations don’t have to stress about the security of their confidential financial records, like inventory lists, budgets, marketing plans, legal documents, or accounting…More