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Keep Yourself Safe from Identity Theft this Tax Season

Taxes and Identity TheftTax season has arrived, and though many frown upon this time of the year more than any other, we all must face the obligations that come with this annual responsibility. The process of sorting through finances and potential deductibles accrued over the last year can be bothersome and stressful. On the flip side, some Tampa residents enjoy tax season, anticipating the exciting check they’ll collect from the government. Sadly however, no one looks forward to tax season more than criminals; specifically identity thieves. In fact, the last few years have revealed that the worst months for fraudulent incidents are from January to April.

While employees receive their W-2s, the IRS is making an effort to caution Americans of the risks and dangers tied to identity theft throughout tax season. The IRS has made it a priority to increase its stance in combating this rising crime, but Tampa residents are still being targeted and falling victim to identity theft. Unfortunately In most cases, it’s not even discovered until it’s too late; typically one learns when they try to file their taxes and are informed somebody else has already done so under that name, and was provided a refund.

What can you do to help protect yourself from identity theft? The IRS has provided some key tips to keep in mind:

  • Evaluate Your Credit Reports
  • Refrain from Carrying Around Sensitive Details
  • Always Verify Who You are Providing Information to
  • File Early
  • Keep Your Computer Safe

The number of people filing their taxes online here in Tampa, and the rest of the United States is growing exponentially. With this number on the rise however, so is the number of hackers. To avoid security breach and hackers accessing your personal information, it’s important to remain proactive about securing your identity and private details online. Regardless of the time of year, it’s important that you take the extra necessary precautions to safeguard your personal information.

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