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Keep Your Office Secure and Clutter-Free

A data breach is an occurrence in which sensitive, protected, or private information is viewed, stolen, or used by an unauthorized individual. The data breach may be associated with health information, personal information, or intellectual property and affects several businesses across Tampa each year.

While the results of a data breach can be significantly damaging to an organization, there are preventative measures you can take to protect your workplace. Consider the state of your office environment; a cluttered and disorganized workplace is extremely vulnerable to security threats. Ensuring your office has the necessary document management systems in place to protect your business, employees, and customers is the best and most effective place to start.

If your Tampa organization is typically messy and out of order, it can present security issues that may result in data breach. Consider the below issues common in many Tampa companies, and suggested solutions that will better protect your business from a potential data breach.

Shredding console key is in plain sight

A key left out in the open that accesses your shred bins, poses a significant security threat right off the bat. This means at anytime, your employees can gain full access to your sensitive documents if they so wish. Unfortunately in 2013, the Identity Theft Resource Center stated that internal theft increased 80% compared to the year before.

Answer: The key should be kept in a safe area, where individual access is limited. Ultimately, it’s in your best interest to hire a professional shredding company who will provide you with lockable shred bins, and only their background checked, screened staff will have the ability to open and remove your sensitive documents for secure document shredding.

Documents hanging out of the paper-slot of your console

If papers are slipping out of your console, it may be an extremely tempting sight for your employees. They may fall out of your console all together or can at the very least, be retrieved quickly and easily.

Answer: When you are ridding of old sensitive documents, ensure they are inserted into your shred bin securely and reach the bottom of the bin. If papers are beginning to fall out, chances are it’s near capacity and should be emptied by your professional shredding company.

Garbage bin beside your printer/photocopier

Confidential documents that land in your garbage bin simply due to convenience, leaves information exposed to the general public. Dumpster diving happens, and it can cause considerable problems for your company. Details can be used in identity theft cases, or to carry out additional crimes.

Solution: Always place sensitive business documents in a lockable collection container, protected from exposure. Garbage and recycling bins provide zero protection to your business and simply invites trouble. Remind your staff through bulletin/white boards, and in internal meetings to dispose of their documents into these containers, and explain the importance in doing so.

Box of documents labeled ‘shred’ next to the shred console

Again, this is the same as leaving those documents on your desk; they can be viewed by anyone and may attract attention since they are not tucked away securely.

Answer: Start a document management program so that all documents are tracked for compliance purposes, from the time they are created to the time they are securely shred.  Rather than boxing these documents away, they should be filed securely or again, placed in your locked collection container so there is no confusion as to the whereabouts of certain documents.  This simple task will help clarify which files should be stored away separately for document shredding.

Hard drives left on open desks

Anyone can easily steal these discs, potentially gaining access to hundreds of thousands of critical files.  Even if they have been wiped or degaussed, with the right knowledge and equipment files can be recovered.

Answer: All floppy discs, CDs, flash drives, and hard drives that contain confidential information must be thoroughly destroyed by trained shredding professionals, to guarantee information is irrecoverable. Discuss with your shredding company solutions for electronic destruction. Many shredding companies offer both document and hard drive destruction services.

Computer screen  

Anyone who passes your computer can catch a glimpse of what’s on the screen.

Solution: Computer screens should be set-up so they cannot be easily read by third parties. Ideally this should be part of a Clean Desk Policy.  When a computer is left unattended at lunch hour or break, it should be secured with password protection.

At the end of the day every Tampa workplace should aim to establish and maintain an environment that is secure with these crucial internal information policies. Protect your business from risk of data breach and hire a document shredding company to handle the document shredding portion for you.

At BRM in Tampa, we have simple and effective document management services for the ultimate security.  Contact us today to learn about our professional document management solutions, including professional document shredding offered on a regular or one-time basis. Call 888-896-6222