Five Paper Shredding Myths

With any new process, it takes time to educate and inform your employees on the details, and there are often misconceptions along the way. In regards to paper shredding and its importance, there is often confusion on whether it’s really necessary to do or not. Business Records Management wants to highlight some common paper shredding myths, to hopefully clear up any questions you may have!

1) Your Business Isn’t Big Enough to Require a Shredding Service

The size of your Tampa Bay company should not dictate whether it’s time to implement a paper shredding program. Generally, your typical office will go through 10,000 sheets of paper every year. That is a vast amount of paper, which more than likely includes sensitive details about your employees, company, or customers. Unless your company has converted to a paperless office (which is extremely difficult to do) there will always be a need to destroy confidential material securely, for your protection. Most importantly, FACTA states that legally any business who works with or collects credit card information must have a program in place to thoroughly shred these documents.

2) Employees Can Use the Office Shredder

Unfortunately, as much as we want to believe in this method, your employees will get tied up with other tasks, and paper shredding will fall by the wayside because it is not seen as a priority. Feeding endless documents through a shredding machine is a time-consuming job. Unless you task a specific employee to look after this responsibility, it likely won’t happen. These machines can be quite distracting because of the noise they create, and in many circumstances, shredding is ignored entirely and documents land in the trash bin or recycling bin instead. This is not ideal for any business because it may pose a major security risk to your company!

3) Your Business is Compliant if You Have an Office Shredder

As mentioned above, office shredders are usually only used on occasion, which can make starting a paper shredding program for your employees very challenging. Unless there is an audit trail of what documents are being shred and the shredding is being monitored, there is no legal proof that you have destroyed documents in accordance with privacy laws if you experience an audit.  Save yourself from the stress and turn to professional shredding services instead to ensure you are compliant.

4) No One Will Rummage Through Your Garbage

While we would love to believe this, sadly the exact opposite is true. Once documents leave your hands and make their way to a trash bin, any paper you have tossed away is now open to the public to view or take. Unfortunately dumpster diving is entirely legal and while not ethical, does take place across Tampa Bay and the rest of the United States. You may unknowingly be offering up information to thieves or your competition about your marketing plans, budgets, contracts, etc. Dumpster diving can behaviour can harm a company’s reputation and may even lead to fines and business loss.

5) It’s Too Expensive to Hire a Professional Paper Shredding Company

When your paper shredding needs are handled by skilled professionals, your business saves time and money! Each time an employee operates an office shredder, you are taking valuable time away from their regular job duties, therefore taking away from productive tasks that benefit your company. What might take hours for an employee to shred only takes a matter of minutes with BRM. Also keep in mind that office shredders jam easily, leading to replacement costs.

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