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Document Shredding Services

Do you have a drop-off shredding location?

Yes. You can simply bring small quantities to our secure drop-off location listed below. A BRM employee will load materials into a mobile locking collection receptacle; materials are then securely routed to our NAID® Certified shredding facility.

Clearwater Drop-off Location:
1125 Eldridge St. Clearwater, FL 33755

Do I need to remove staples, paper clips or folders?

No. Our powerful shredders can shred materials like staples, clips, ring binders, folders and report covers.

Do you offer residential shredding?

Yes. BRM can schedule its mobile shredding vehicles to shred at your door, or you can drop off small quantities at one of our drop off facility in Clearwater. Call us at 888.896.6222 for a quick and easy price quote.

How many pounds is 9 cubic Feet?

Our residential collection receptacle is 9 cubic feet / 96 Gallons and on average can hold 9 standard size boxes (16″Lx12″Wx10″H). The weight of 9 cubic feet of “paper materials” in our experience averages 300lbs. *actual weight of 9 cubic feet varies depending on density of materials.

Can I witness the on-site destruction?

The BRM mobile fleet is fully equipped with cameras to provide real time video of the shredding process. There is no sorting or grading, the documents go directly from the container into the tunnel of the shredder. BRM provides a Certificate of Destruction when shredding is complete for your records and peace of mind.

What happens if our collection receptacle is full before the scheduled service time?

Simply give BRM a call at the number demonstrated on the receptacle. Our operations staff will work quickly to coordinate another pick up and or deliver additional receptacles.

What size jobs do you service?

BRM’s fleet of mobile shredding vehicles can be dispatched to shred any size inventory on-site, large or small. Call us at 888.896.6222 for a quick and easy price quote. BRM recycles in excess of 4 million pounds of shredded paper by-product each year.

What does AAA NAID® Certified mean?

AAA NAID® Certification is the highest security standard governing the document destruction industry. The certification process requires companies to undergo 3rd party security audits and maintain their security procedures.


Document Scanning Services

What scanning services does BRM offer?

  • High volume daily production scanning
  • Back file conversion document scanning projects
  • Scan-on-demand services for instantaneous retrieval and electronic delivery
  • Wide-format document scanning (blue prints, maps, drawings, etc.)

Does BRM subcontract services?

Our scanning technicians perform all document scanning and indexing processes in BRM’s secure record center. Absolutely no part of the image capture process is subcontracted, ensuring complete confidentiality and optimum quality of the image file database we construct for you.

How will I receive my data once my documents are scanned?

Data can be transferred using one of three alternatives: 1) BRM can download image files to any type of peripheral storage device including DVD, flash drive or external hard drive. All image files downloaded to peripheral devices are encrypted. 2) BRM can work with your IT Department to construct a secure FTP connection allowing our team to move image files directly onto your server in an encrypted fashion. 3) BRM can set up a repository access authorization that will allow passcode authorization grants within or outside of your organization to retrieve encrypted scanned files via internet.

What is the delivery period for scan-on-demand services?

Scan-on-demand is subject to the same 24hr turnaround period as hard copy delivery. If you would like priority scan-on-demand or stat delivery please contact customer service at 888.896.8900.

How can I estimate the number of images I have?

  • Unbound paper = 150 to 175 pages per inch (1,800 to 2,200 per foot)One standard record/file carton (letter/legal, 12″ deep) = 2,000 to 2,500 pages
  • One banker-style carton (letter/legal, 24″ deep) = 4,500 to 5,000 pages
  • One vertical file drawer (24″ deep) = 3,500 to 4,000 pages
  • One medical chart = 50 pages


Records Storage and Retrieval Services

How can I order new boxes?

You can email our staff at or call us at 813.886.8110 or 727.447.3199 with a request for supply and delivery of new cartons. Please be sure to provide your account number and confirm a delivery address along with the quantity and size you are requesting.

How can I order box labels?

You can email our staff at or call us at 813.886.8110 or 727.447.3199 with a request for supply of barcode labels for boxes. Please be sure to provide your account number and confirm a delivery address along with the quantity of labels you are requesting.

How do I change my authorization list?

Authorization forms are available on our client forms page After you complete the forms including the signature of a current authorized person you can email forms to or fax them to 727.441.1657

How do I request a pickup or delivery?

You can call customer service at 888.896.6222 or email the request to or log into RSWeb® and submit your request for a pickup or delivery or files or cartons. For larger carton inventories a BRM Service representative will communicate with you directly in response to your request. Remember that you will need to verify your account Access Authorization Passcode to clear the security provisioning set up for the account.

How can I get an updated inventory list of Cartons?

BRM can generate any number of reports including: full inventory, eligible for destruction or we can perform a custom query with your specifications to generate custom reports. Please remember you will need to provide your account number and passcode for verification. We can email the reports in PDF, EXCEL, WORD, or CSV comma delimited formats. In the alternative if you created an RSWEB® account you can log on to query your inventories to generate your own custom report.

How long should I keep records?

While BRM can assist you with helping to identify when records are eligible for destruction based on your predetermined retention policies, we cannot provide for legal advice on how long records should be retained. We recommend that you consult your firm’s attorney for questions regarding state and federal regulations pertaining to the retention of specific records classifications.

Where are my records stored?

Your records are stored in one of BRM’s secure warehouses. We adhere to the strictest security policies in the industry. BRM’s Tampa Bay area record centers are comprised of over 150,000 square feet of state-of-the-art warehouse facilities designed with the safety and security of your confidential information in mind. All of our buildings are security and fire detection monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by third party monitoring agencies.

What are my options for file delivery?

BRM offers two standard delivery methods hard copy delivery via BRM courier or electronic delivery via scan-on-demand.

How do I add a file to a box already at the BRM storage facility?

When you call to arrange a pickup of your files or cartons for storage at our facility, let our staff know you have new files for filing into existing cartons. Our courier will barcode the new files and scan them at time of pickup for chain of custody tracking. You will need to let us know which carton you want the carton to be filed into. Our courier will provide you with a file inventory transmittal that you can use to submit this information.

What is the turnaround time for delivery?

STANDARD – 24 Hour Turnaround – Normal Business Hours Normal working hours (Mon. – Fri. 8:00AM – 5:00PM)

PRIORITY – 4 Hour Turnaround – Normal Business Hours Normal working hours (Mon. – Fri. 8:00AM – 5:00PM)

STAT/EMERGENCY – 90 Minute Turnaround – Normal Business Hours Normal working hours (Mon. – Fri. 8:00AM – 5:00PM)

Please find below instructions for AFTER-HOURS or WEEKEND records retrieval requests after 5:00PM Monday – Friday or at any hour on Saturday or Sunday. All after-hours requests must be placed over the phone and per the instructions below.

Please have your ACCOUNT NUMBER and the associated BRM Carton Information readily available when placing a Records Retrieval / Delivery Request.

For all AFTER-HOURS records retrieval requests, we ask that you call the BRM On-Call Number 727. 510.8645 to speak directly with our BRM On-Call Staff.

In the event an after-hours request is called in to our primary business phone number at 727.447.3199, our live answering service will route the call to our On-Call Mobile Phone Number or connect you with the next available senior manager.



What is RSWeb®?

RSWeb® allows users to easily order record storage and management services and supplies; schedule pickups and deliveries; check on the status of work orders and service requests; define and update item descriptions in selected records; and get 24/7, 365 days a year access to reports on your record activities, printable from your own device.

What functions can I perform with RSWeb®?

RSWeb® allows users to perform all the functions necessary for inventory management, including: request an item for delivery (file, container, tape, image), request an item for pickup, designate items for destruction or perm-out, generate inventory reports, indexing, add/edit items and view images.

Is there an additional charge to use RSWeb®?

There may be a minimal monthly fee per user. Please refer to your Record Storage and Service Agreement Schedule A – Service Price List to find this information, or contact our customer service team at 727.447.3199 or 813.886.8900.

How do I get authorized to receive an RSWeb® profile?

To gain authorization for RSWeb® an Access Authorization Form must be completed and signed by whoever is in charge of the release of information for the account.

How do I add/remove an RSWeb® user?

Users can be added or removed using the Access Authorization form on our Client Forms page

Is there a limit to the number of configured users per account?


When can I expect an item or service requested from RSWeb®?

RSWeb® orders follow the same standard 24hr turnaround period as non-priority orders processed over the phone by customer service. If you would like to request priority or stat items we ask that you call customer service at 888.896.6222

Where can I find technical support for RSWeb®?

For assistance on how to perform certain functions see the tutorial as provided. For further assistance on how to perform these functions or for technical issues please email or call 888.896.6222 for further assistance.