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Dumpster Diving and Identity Theft

If you’re like most Tampa Bay residents, getting those utility bills each month in the mail doesn’t exactly scream excitement, right?  That being said it’s a reality we all have to deal with; the important aspect here is that we deal with it securely. Once a particular bill is sorted out and paid for, it’s easy to carelessly tuck it away along with the stack of old junk mail that’s already in your kitchen drawer. Alternatively, many of us are guilty of throwing these papers into the recycling or trash bin, assuming there is no reason to pull them out in the future.

While it may make sense in the moment, the problem here is that it doesn’t provide adequate protection to you; in fact, it’s a huge security risk that may lead to financial loss. Throwing away documents that contain confidential information lacks security because if noticed and stolen from the wrong individual, it may provide enough details to them to commit information theft. Personal mail tends to be loaded with identification information, like your name, address, phone number, credit card number, and of course bank details. Keep this in mind the next time you are considering throwing this information away; don’t fall victim to identity theft.

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You may assume that surely nobody is committed enough to sort through your trash for juicy information, however, the opposite is quite true. Never underestimate that even exposing the slightest bit of information can result in big penalties. If a criminal is motivated and determined, they will take the time to sort through anything. The information you thought was insignificant can give an identity thief enough ammunition to apply for new credit cards or even remove what’s left in your bank account.

Often those credit card approval letters we get in the mail are thrown away and later retrieved by the hands of dumpster divers. If this takes place it’s extremely easy for a criminal to respond to the letter, provide a new address and instantly receive credit under your name; the approval process is especially fast if you’ve established good credit. Once approval is processed, you can bet they will take full advantage of it, racking up thousands of dollars in debt that you might not even discover until far down the road. At the end of the day, if you are carelessly throwing away financial documents rather than securely shredding them, you are providing trash bins with a gold mine of confidential information that a criminal would be happily willing to get their hands on!

Prevent Identity Theft:

  • Never throw away documents that include a Social Security Number, driver’s license number, or bank account number.
  • Be sure to shred any material that contains sensitive information, rather than crumpling paper up and tossing it into a trash or recycling bin.
  • Carefully shred all old credit and debit cards to ensure nothing is legible and be sure to trust in an experienced and professional shredding company to securely shred your information.

When you allow BRM to look after your sensitive documents, we guarantee material is safely shred and disposed of so you or your business, along with your customers, and employees are continuously protected.

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