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Document Management Planning for Your Tampa Organization


Implementing an effective document management plan for your Tampa Business is a crucial step in ensuring your information is secure and protected at all times. For accounting, regulatory, legal and other purposes, Tampa organizations are often mandated to store records for a specific time frame. In many situations however, storage space is limited so it can be difficult to maintain organized filing cabinets and desks. Lost, or in worse cases, stolen documents, can be pretty threatening to your business especially when it’s confidential information that’s gone missing.

The good news is that there are several solutions for keeping your records secure.

4 Components of an Effective Document Management Plan:

Record Storage – Archiving your documents through proper record storage services, will improve your employee and company efficiencies significantly. Sometimes it can be difficult to store and locate files in-house; hiring a professional to handle your record storage improves your document management plan, and most importantly saves you hassle, space, and money.

Disaster Recovery Plan – Did you know that a large volume of businesses fail to recover from a natural disaster without a disaster recovery plan in place? Sure you might think that it’ll never happen to your business, but it’s safer to be prepared for the unknown than risk losing valuable business information. Disasters can strike anywhere, anytime, often without warning, so protecting your Tampa Business with a back-up plan should be a top consideration.

Retention Schedule – All of your documents have a specific retention period for which they need to be kept. Doing so on-site will take up valuable office space, and could result in data breach if it is discovered upon an audit that there are documents unaccounted for. When the time comes to shred your old documents, locating those records which have reached the end of their life cycle may be challenging.  By using retention scheduling services offered by Business Records Management, you never have to worry about your stored documents again.

Document Shredding – After your documents have served their purpose and no longer require storing, your Tampa business is required by law to shred them thoroughly. You are responsible for the information in those documents and could be held responsible if they are breached. Business Records Management provides secure document shredding services when the time comes to destroy them.

By implementing the above document management plan, you are taking a proactive approach in protecting your business, and remaining compliant with federal and state privacy laws.

If you are interested in implementing a document management plan for your Tampa business, please get in touch with our specialists today. We are more than happy to assist you! Call 1-888-896-6222