Why You Should Destroy Old Unused Hard Drives

Hard DriveWhen it comes to carefully managing the information security of your Tampa workplace, it is important to remember that information stored electronically is equally as important if not more, than information stored in filing cabinets. This being said, here are a few more reasons why your Tampa business should seriously consider the destruction of old, unused hard drives:


Erasing, wiping, or degaussing old hard drives might seem like a simple solution for disposing of electronic information, but the opposite is true. In fact, in many cases it is possible to restore previously erased information with simple data recovery software.

Storage Capacity

One small hard drive has the ability to hold the same amount of information as hundreds of thousands of pieces of paper.  Misplacing a single hard drive could potentially be crippling to your business processes.  Also, consider the fact that the cost per compromised record is on the rise, meaning the sooner you properly destroy those unused hard drives, the better.

Compliance with the Law

There are current laws in place that demand the security and confidentiality of personal identifiable information.  Any failure to stay in compliance with this legislation is considered a crime under various circumstances.  Some may think that this only applies to paper shredding, but in fact, it applies to digitally stored records as well.

Make Better Use of Your Time

Going through a hard drive and removing all of its contents is a time consuming task.  Leaving this duty with an employee who may not even know how to properly remove data from a hard drive, not only takes away the time they should be putting towards the job they were hired to perform, but it also puts your company at risk of a severe security breach. This could end up costing you time, money and your reputation.

Hiring a “AAA” NAID Certified Document Destruction Company such as Business Records Management in the Tampa Bay area, can alleviate some of the pressure of making sure your clients confidential data is properly disposed of. Our secure hard drive destruction services means that your information remains safe, and out of the hands of identity thieves.

Business Records Management provides secure data destruction services to both residential and commercial clients in the Tampa Bay area. For a free quote, contact us online or give us a call at 1-888-896-6222.

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