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Consider a Shred Day in Tampa

If your company currently practices regular document shredding, you’ve probably heard of a “Shred Day”. But what does it include? If your Tampa organization is looking for ways in which it can contribute to the community in an engaging and helpful manner, perhaps a Shred Day is the perfect opportunity! Identity theft continues to occur and therefore it’s important that preventative measures are put in place. Holding a Shred Day provides the chance for community members to come together in an effort to combat this terrible crime. When you work with Business Records Management to host your Shred Day, family and friends in your neighborhood can securely dispose of their old sensitive documents, without risk.

While Tampa residents are more cautious and aware of risks of identity theft, there are still circumstances in which financial records and other confidential documentation winds up in the recycling or trash bin, generally because it seems like the “easy” solution.  Shredding unwanted documents guarantees your records are safe from unauthorized exposure, providing you the peace of mind that material is irrecoverable for good. Not only that, it offers you the perfect chance to organize your cabinets, desks, and storage areas, ridding of unnecessary clutter.  It’s a win-win situation!

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Step 1: Decide on the Event Size
Determine whether you’re going to organize a small or large event; do you wish to keep it local or are you interested in expanding it across the Tampa region? This will vary depending on experience and confidence, as well as the amount of time you can contribute to it. If it’s your first event, you’d probably be wise to arrange a small event that can be easily managed.


Step 2: Ask for Appropriate Help
You will need to recruit appropriate help to make your event a success! If you’re keeping it on the smaller scale of things, three to four helper should be enough. However, if you’d like to bring in a larger crowd, consider approximately 10-15 volunteers to ensure all aspects are covered. Keep in mind that social media, email, telephone, or even community bulletin boards in Tampa, are all simple and fast ways to obtain help. Family and close friends are generally more than supportive and happy to help, so why not start there! Once you’ve gathered enough assistance, make sure you assign each individual to a specific task; this will help to maintain a smooth process prior during, and after the shred day event.


Step 3 Team up with a Trusted Document Shredding Company

It’s crucial that you hire an experienced and reputable shredding company like BRM who you can trust! A document destruction business that has positive reviews (whether online or word of mouth) will give you the reassurance that you’ve selected a quality service provider.  Always confirm that the company you’re considering does, in fact, provide mobile document shredding services, as not all do. If funding opportunities interest you, look into local banks, radio stations, schools, or grocery stores.


Step 4: Select the Right Location

The location is everything! Make sure your event is held in an area that is both well known, and easy to locate for your Tampa attendees! Also, remember that it must be large enough to comfortably hold your anticipated customers, with adequate space for a mobile shred truck to maneuver through. Consider an arena, school, or community center in Tampa.


Step 5: Promote Your Event

Spread the word and notify your family, friends, residents and other community members! Again, the extent in which you want to promote your Shred Day will depend on the goals you have in mind. Ask your volunteers to communicate the event details as well; word of mouth is a powerful and free resource; use it to the best of your ability! Post flyers in stores, libraries, laundry mats, and community centers in Tampa for free advertising.


Step 6: Start Shredding

Your Shred Day event has arrived, and now it’s time to begin shredding those old records!  Do your best to arrive at least an hour before the scheduled start time; this will allow for last minute changes/additions and ensures everything is in place and ready to go. Put up signs around the premises so your event is can be seen. Keep the line moving and make sure you have asked someone to take pictures during the event. Aside from that, allow your Tampa document shredding provider to take care of the rest!


Business Records Management in Tampa will work with you to make your shred day a success. Get in touch with us today to discuss with us our services, and how we can help make it an eventful day!  Call 888-896-6222