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Records Storage News Posts

Paper Remains Significant in Today’s Digital World

Today, we are consumed by electronic advancements and digital records management  which may lead some to believe that paper will soon be obsolete. Keeping that in mind, does this mean that document storage will soon be phased out as well? Contrary to several beliefs, the truth is document management and document storage is not going…More

Records Storage Services in Tampa

BRM in Tampa provides organizations with reliable records storage services that are both convenient and cost-effective. With the New Year around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity for Tampa businesses to consider their current internal processes to determine where and how improvements can be made from an operational standpoint. Like most business owners, chances are…More

The Benefits of Secure Offsite Document Storage in Tampa

If you’re like the majority of Tampa businesses, you probably store and maintain an exceedingly high volume of documents on a regular basis. What’s the harm in doing so? Chances are, 90% of the information you tuck away in your desks and filing cabinets contains pertinent (and confidential) details about your business, customers, and employees.  …More