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Document Management News Posts

Surviving the Mess of a Data Breach

An alarming statistic revealed that close to half of all U.S organizations experienced a data breach last year, with many of them not discovering this fact until weeks or months down the road. Unfortunately for several companies both in Tampa and the rest of the U.S, these data breaches resulted in devastating financial loss, with…More

Organize Your Records to Eliminate Added Stress

Spring cleaning time is almost here in Tampa, and most people are beginning to go through their house to begin cleaning it from top to bottom. Remember that it’s also the perfect opportunity to sort through household and business records as well. For your own security, it’s important for every household and business in Tampa…More

Keep Yourself Safe from Identity Theft this Tax Season

Tax season has arrived, and though many frown upon this time of the year more than any other, we all must face the obligations that come with this annual responsibility. The process of sorting through finances and potential deductibles accrued over the last year can be bothersome and stressful. On the flip side, some Tampa…More

Offsite File Storage will Improve Your Bottom Line

All Tampa businesses need to store records in one form or another. In fact, adhering to a records storage plan is a legal obligation for many industries. But maintaining compliance can be a complicated and difficult task, especially for companies with little records management experience. Although many attempt to store records in-house to save money, compliance issues often end up…More

5 Signs Your Business Needs File Storage

Regardless of your company’s size, all businesses in Tampa must manage their internal documents somehow, in one form or another. In fact, implementing a document management system that includes secure file storage is not only smart business practice; it’s also a compliance and regulatory practice. Unfortunately, some businesses still fail to use proper file storage…More

Document Management Planning for Your Tampa Organization

Implementing an effective document management plan for your Tampa Business is a crucial step in ensuring your information is secure and protected at all times. For accounting, regulatory, legal and other purposes, Tampa organizations are often mandated to store records for a specific time frame. In many situations however, storage space is limited so it…More

Is Your Tampa Business Using Document Scanning Services?

Information is every Tampa business’s lifeblood; after all, it’s what every organization relies on for processes, communication, and development.  Damaged or lost data could result in disruptions in day to day business procedures or financial loss. The reality is that your employees must have constant access to a wide variety of documents on an on-going…More

5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Despite awareness, businesses and residents in Tampa and the rest of the United States, continue to be affected by identity theft. While some cases are more minor than others, this growing crime can lead to severe consequences for everyone involved. The good news is it can be completely prevented with basic precautionary measures.  Here are…More

Why Outsource Your Document Management to BRM?

1. Peace of Mind. Allowing professionals to take care of your document management needs, ensures your Clearwater business remains in compliance with privacy laws. A security breach can be extremely damaging for a company, affecting both its financial and reputational state. Unfortunately, in some cases the aftermath can be nearly impossible to recover from. As…More