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The Benefits of Secure Offsite Document Storage in Tampa

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If you’re like the majority of Tampa businesses, you probably store and maintain an exceedingly high volume of documents on a regular basis. What’s the harm in doing so? Chances are, 90% of the information you tuck away in your desks and filing cabinets contains pertinent (and confidential) details about your business, customers, and employees.   What if critical files go missing, or mistakenly get tossed away with the weekly garbage? Worse, what if your business experiences a fire or flood?

Turning to Business Records Management to look after your document storage needs will result in convenient document storage keeping your information secure, while also eliminating costly use of self-storage space.  Furthermore, when you make the decision to move your records off-site you save your employees from the burden of carrying, organizing or retrieving files, all of which are tasks that take away from business productivity.

Here are three simple benefits of offsite document storage:

Locate Your Files Hassle-Free

Consider how much time you and your employees spend trying to locate specific files on a regular basis; it can be a frustrating process, especially when that file is nowhere to be found.  You may even recall instances where internal emails are sent within your office requesting an important document be retrieved, only to realize it was tossed away accidentally.

Whatever the case may be, when you’re unable to find important business records in a timely fashion, you may be at a significant disadvantage in comparison to your competition. The case is far more critical when you need a specific document for quotes or contract purposes; this could make or break the success of your business, and may reflect poorly on your reputation.

Business Records Management offers document storage that makes finding your documents a breeze and hassle-free. In fact, our user-friendly online software allows customers to view, request, and manage their documents whenever desired. In fact, with BRM in Tampa you can view and request your files online through our user-friendly software and retrieve your documents within 24 hours from your request. Don’t waste employee time searching aimlessly through endless piles of paper; consider offsite record storage for organized and quick document retrieval at your fingertips.

Maintains Compliance with State Privacy Laws

Your business information is extremely vital, and without proper protection in place you could be found liable should documents get lost or stolen. Without a reliable and secure means of document storage, it’s easy for any company in Tampa to mistakenly misplace or toss away documents of great importance. No matter what industry you’re in, one thing remains the same; it’s critical to protect your information and maintain compliance with Florida privacy laws. Remember that each business document contains details surrounding your customers or employees, which if leaked and accessed by the wrong person could be threatening all those involved. At BRM in Tampa, our document life cycle management programs will dictate when and what documents should remain safely stored, and which should be securely shred. This in turn saves you the stress of determining this yourself.

Recover from Flood or Fire

What happens if you’re office experiences a fire or flood? Does your business currently have a backup plan to for data protection? While they may not happen often, fires and floods do occur and therefore you should always be ready for the unexpected. Housing critical company documents onsite is a risky decision; can you imagine losing your overflowing filing cabinets to a fire? It’s simply not worth the risk when you have a conveniently located offsite document storage facility to turn to.  Remember that it can take years to recover from such a tragedy, and unfortunately in certain situations, companies fail to recover at all.

With off-site secure file storage, this stress is eliminated entirely. At Business Records Management in Tampa, our facility is equipped with features that exceed the strictest industry standards for security, and are alarmed and monitored 24 hours a day. Our storage solutions have been specifically designed to protect against fire, flood, theft, and any other potential disaster that could put your files at risk. Contact us today for more details regarding our secure, document storage solutions. Call 888-896-6222