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Avoid a Data Privacy Breach with These Tips

Data Breach

When it comes to a data breach, the risk for companies can be significantly high if certain practices aren’t put into place. Whether these are financial, calculable consequences or consequences that ultimately affect your company’s brand and reputation, both can be unfortunate and hard-hitting.

To avoid data privacy threats, and to ensure you are in compliance with state and federal privacy laws, consider the below practices for your Tampa business:

  • Appoint a designated employee who thoroughly understands your organization’s legal obligations and internal privacy policies. This individual will act responsibly for ensuring all procedures are in place as they should be.
  • Supply regular, on-going training to your employees, and emphasize security as a critical part in day-to-day office procedures. For example, you may wish to implement a Clean Desk policy, which contributes to an organized and secure office environment.
  • Carry out a Periodic Risk Assessment. Business models and operational processes change and can lead to higher risk levels and liabilities. Analyzing whether you’ve if you’ve acquired new areas or levels of risk can be done through internal audits and through unique external resources.
  • Hire a reputable and reliable document storage/document shredding company for secure information destruction. All confidential material that is collected and stored in digital or paper format by law must be securely shredded when no longer needed. A professional document shredding company, such as BRM, provides lockable collection consoles and containers for the workplace, as a safe solution for document storage. Once at capacity customers may simply contact their provider to carry out the shredding. Ensure that you receive a Certificate of Destruction after every shred for compliance purposes, and further peace of mind.

What is the level of document security in your workplace? Consider the above tips when assessing your internal business management procedures. You may be surprised to learn what you haven’t or have already been implementing within your Tampa Business.

As always, feel free to get in touch with one of our trained professionals; we can work with you to design a thorough records management plan that ensures your documents and electronic records are secure and protected from outside threats.

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