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Are You Ready for Data Privacy Day?

Everyone in Tampa should be aware of how our online lives, including records management, can affect day to day real life, whether on a personal or business level. Today more than ever, it’s critical that individuals and businesses are taking the necessary precautions to keep this data secure and confidential.

Data protection is vital for Tampa companies of all sizes. Simply tune into the news to see that data theft is continuously occurring from a large number of companies, whether incidental or intentional. It is these data breaches that can put the information of thousands of consumers at risk while also providing competitors the opportunity to obtain confidential information.

Such breaches can put the information of thousands of consumers at a high risk, or enable competitors to access private, sensitive information. Even a misplaced hard drive or USB stick can contain private data about an organization’s customer base and/or marketing plans. In the hands of hackers, identity thieves or any other unwanted sources, discovering this data could lead to devastating results for your business. Furthermore, if your company has no backup plan in place, the loss of this critical data could be enough to shut your business down. It’s good to keep in mind that as a business owner, you can be held liable and fined if a data breach takes place, which is why data protection is imperative.

International Data Privacy Day reminds us of why it’s so important to protect what we expose and share online in an effort to maintain privacy. January 28th marks the day to empower people to protect their privacy, monitor their digital footprint and to place privacy protection as a top priority.

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Here are 10 Privacy Tips for Businesses:

  1.  Limit the collection and retention of personal data unless necessary
  2.  Know what personal data you collect and where it’s stored
  3.  Be sure to train your employees on privacy and its importance
  4.  Limit and monitor access to important personal information
  5.  Be sure to shred any confidential information that is being disposed of
  6.  Think twice before collecting personal information such as a driver’s license
  7.  Inform your clients of video surveillance if applicable
  8.  Ensure you have a privacy policy in place, and be honest about the collection and use of any personal information
  9.  Secure online data through safeguards like encryption and password protection
  10.  Notify your clients on who to speak to should they have any questions regarding privacy

BRM in Tampa can assist your business with protecting highly confidential information. We provide secure records management solutions that include document scanning, document storage, and document shredding.

Ensure you’re doing everything possible to protect your clients’ privacy; after all, your company is on the line if sensitive data is exposed. Simply call our team of specialists for further advice or service, at 888-896-6222.