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5 Signs Your Business Needs File Storage

Regardless of your company’s size, all businesses in Tampa must manage their internal documents somehow, in one form or another. In fact, implementing a document management system that includes secure file storage is not only smart business practice; it’s also a compliance and regulatory practice. Unfortunately, some businesses still fail to use proper file storage for their critical documents.

Proper document storage solutions are the key to sustaining compliance with state laws, especially if you’re unfamiliar with reliable means of records management. Still, several businesses continue to store their files in-house because it seems like a cost-effective, easy solution; however, in doing so there are several problems that can arise.

If you begin noticing any of the below signs occurring at your Tampa business, you should be looking into professional, off-site file storage services as an alternative option.

1. The number of filing cabinets seems to be increasing  

Documents take up valuable office space; sometimes taking over an entire office floor in large corporations! If the need for more filing cabinets continues to rise, you should strongly consider outsourcing your file storage.


2. Your employees seem to be spending more time hunting for documents than completing work

You really know you’re in trouble when your employees are teaming up to discuss the whereabouts of a particular file. Documents should be well organized and filed in a manner that allows for easy retrieval.


3. Paper continues to pile up uncontrollably in filing cabinets and on desks 

You know it’s really bad when you attempt to pull out a specific file folder, and it’s a struggle to do so without mixing up the file order. In the same sense, endless documents stacked on the desks of your employees, creates instant chaos and clutter. Not only does this present a security issue, it makes day to day processes challenging. Lastly, it definitely does not contribute to you remaining compliant with privacy laws.


4.  You don’t have a retention schedule or know what that is

There isn’t one staff member in charge of looking after the whereabouts of company documents, and you don’t have a document shredding process in place in fear of needing a particular file in the future. Any old documents are simply stored away in boxes and kept in your storage room. The reality is however, that you may be spending more money storing these documents in-house than what’s necessary. A retention schedule allows you to stay on top of this, so it’s never an issue of what should be kept and what should be safely disposed of.


5. When an employee is away you can’t locate what you’re after

When the guy in charge hands over his responsibilities to a co-worker, files are impossible to locate.  Without a proper system, the ability for anyone in the office to retrieve documents is like finding a needle in a haystack. Due to the frustration of this, often work simply fails to get done.


BRM offers Tampa businesses secure, inexpensive storage for their critical files, providing thorough retrieval services as well.  Once your files are in storage with BRM, we will supply you with secure online access utilities, allowing you to track and manage files as you wish.

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