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Paper Remains Significant in Today’s Digital World

Today, we are consumed by electronic advancements and digital records management  which may lead some to believe that paper will soon be obsolete. Keeping that in mind, does this mean that document storage will soon be phased out as well?

Contrary to several beliefs, the truth is document management and document storage is not going away anytime soon. In fact, the document storage industry is booming and continuing to succeed among the digital world. Unfortunately, the reality that electronic breaches are regularly occurring means more companies are turning to document storage and management solutions to maintain security over their records.

Simply put, hard copy documents are here to stay. Of course, it’s pretty apparent that electronic records management is a rapidly growing element in the records storage environment, but there are several reasons why document storage facilities will continue to remain in business.

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Organizations here in Tampa continue to use paper documents as a trusted data backup medium. Here are the reasons why:

  • Various industries like highly regulated fields, including law, financial, manufacturing, and life sciences, are legally obligated to comply with specific regulatory procedures that may include regular paper documentation. For example, there may be situations that ask for proof of an ink signed document.
  • Paper documents might be necessary to protect a business contract. In the same sense, a client may expect your organization to store paper copies, even if it hasn’t been contractually agreed upon.
  • While scanning is extremely convenient, the cost of making the switch to an electronic records system may be too high for some organizations.
  • Some companies may think that the risk of lost or stolen electronic records is greater than that of hard copies.

As you have now read, paper continues to be relevant in the digital age. Although there are several advantages to electronic records management, many Tampa organizations can’t successfully operate without the use of paper documents. If you’re looking to protect your sensitive business documents, turn to a professional such as BRM, who provide not only secure document storage but also document scanning and document shredding solutions.

We’ll manage all of your information management needs whether you want to remain paper-based, or interested in making the switch to digital; our professional team offers it all.

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